Tuesday, January 4, 2011

IDdesign After Sale Horror

Have you been to the IDdesign store in Maadi yet? If not, then don’t bother. Don’t get me wrong, the Scandinavian franchise has some lovely pieces especially if you like contemporary, clean, straight lines in your home. The problem is their after sales service, or rather the lack of.
2 months ago I bought a ceiling lamp which I absolutely loved. It is a simple rectangular black fabric ceiling chandelier that perfectly matched my dining room. I got lots of compliments on it too. Sadly, after a month I looked at it and then I saw them. Two horrible burnt stains in the lamp’s interior. How have I not noticed them before? They were very obvious and made my lamp look worn, and cheap. And it was anything but cheap. The prices at IDdesign are at the higher end.  I was devastated so I called them up and explained the situation. They asked me to bring it over so they can get it fixed.
Till this day the lamp is lying in my car trunk. I took the heavy piece of useless thing there twice and both times I was met with an equally annoying employee who insisted he could do nothing for me and “why don’t you just take it to your electrician?”
The last time I went there I asked to meet a supervisor. They wouldn’t receive the damaged lamp from me and instead asked me to call in a couple of weeks and speak to the store manager. My contact information would be at his desk when he returns from his vacation. The supervisor is yet to be found. And I never received that call from the store manager.
 What was a real deal-breaker for me was how every single employee I met insisted to know the name of the salesperson who sold me the lamp! Why? Did he do something wrong? Why does that even matter?  Just fix my lamp or give me my money back or apologize for your crappy product at least!
I am very disappointed and no matter how beautiful and inviting the store’s window looks, I shall not be returning ever again.

Dina Naji

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