Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Non-toxic Eyes

So one of my main New Year’s resolutions is to use fewer toxins and be kinder to the environment. Now believe me, it is not easy being green in Egypt. There aren’t that many stores or products around that are completely natural and toxin free. A major challenge is to find natural makeup. It is quite impossible actually as there isn’t any made in Egypt. Except for Nefertari’s all natural handmade eye kohl.
I found it at their booth in Maadi City Centre. I asked the more than helpful seller if it was a good product or not and he assured me that he never got any complaints. So I decided to spare the LE45 and give it a try.
So here’s the verdict:
The beautiful, natural wood packaging made me feel like I was Cleopatra. My first attempt though went horribly bad! Toxin free eyeliner is messy! And it is quite difficult to apply because its texture is like loose powder. An hour after applying the kohl I looked like a raccoon that hadn’t slept in years. Not pretty. It did get wiped off pretty easily though. A huge advantage if you’re trying to avoid wrinkles. And it did not sting or feel heavy. It did have a natural feel to it.
I was determined to get my money’s worth so I gave it a try the next day. I took out the applicator and blew off the excess powder. The trick was to use a light hand, so I applied the kohl and went to sleep. It is all natural and has no lead and it is chemical free so I wasn’t too scared to sleep in it. The next day I had perfect black eye lined eyes all day. In fact, if I had left it, it would have kept for another day. That stuff is long-living.
I do miss my easy to apply pencil eyeliners, and will continue to use them on really busy days but I will use my Nefertari kohl whenever I have the luxury of time.

Dina Naji

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